Major redevelopments are planned for the current Homebase and Tesco sites on Syon Lane. OWGRA is working on behalf of the local community for developments that respect the character of the area and are not excessive. 

If you want to maintain the pleasant green suburban nature and character of Osterley and not turn it into a Manhattan of tower blocks, then get ready to object.

But DON’T OBJECT YET (we are currently working through the planning applications).

We will let you know when and how to object, so keep your eye on this website.

12 September 2020

Still no news on when the planning applications for the Tesco and Homebase sites might be submitted. We don't know the reason for the delay. Could it be that the developer is having second thoughts or is chopping the tower blocks of up to 17 storeys down to our red line of 6 storeys? We live in hope ... 

16 August 2020

OWGRA Newsletter

A newsletter is currently being delivered to all households in the OWGRA area (most of Osterley & Spring Grove ward) and the Trees Estate (south east of Syon Lane station) updating residents of the plans to redevelop the Tesco & Homebase sites on Syon Lane.  The newsletter can be found here


An A4 poster is available on the back of the newsletter for you to put in your front window.  A larger A3 version is available on request from OWGRA (e-mail or
phone 07767 826197).

Leaflets from the developer (Berkeley/St Edward) were delivered to local residents in the last few days.  The visuals suggest an idyllic Garden of Eden with no mention of overdevelopment in tower blocks of up to 17 storeys, insufficient infrastructure and amenities.

We understand that the submission of the planning applications for the two sites (initially scheduled for the end of July) has been delayed and is expected in early September.


The developer is holding a virtual exhibition over the next few weeks – see




Don’t believe what they say about listening and responding to local concerns – they haven’t.  We will be tweeting a long list of FACT CHECKS over the next few weeks putting the story straight.

28 July 2020

Presentation by the developer, Berkeley/St Edward (BSE!), to Members of the LB Hounslow Planning Committee

A mammoth 4-hour virtual meeting took place during the early evening on Tuesday, 28 July when BSE presented their plans for the Planning Committee.  


10 of the 15 members of the Planning Committee attended the meeting.  Also in attendance were our 3 Ward Councillors (Tony Louki, Unsa Chaudri & Richard Eason).  A few members of the local community were allowed to observe the meeting, but only Councillors were allowed to ask questions.
We have not as yet received the slides that were used by the developer at the meeting.


Proposed Berkely Homes development at Homebase site, Gillette Corner, Isleworth
(before and after pictures)

View from Shell garage at Gillette Corner 

View from GlaxoSmithKline on the A4 (looking westwards to Gillette Corner) 

View from London Road (bottom of Syon lane between the Lion Gate to Syon Park and the Coach & Horses pub) 

3 July 2020

​Developer consulting with local community​

The developer, St Edward, is consulting the local community on their proposed development for the Tesco & Homebase sites, but is not listening!

OWGRA sent a 4-page letter to the developer expressing deep disappointment that the plans shown at the virtual Community Liaison Group (CLG) meeting for a small group of local residents on 18 June had hardly changed since the end of February 2020 exhibitions.


High-rise blocks of flats up to 17 storeys are still planned for both sites!
Residents are horrified at the plans and OWGRA is preparing to object strongly to the planning applications. We feel that the developer has totally ignored our views during the consultation period, and that the consultation process has merely been a box-ticking exercise for the developer. 

Objections will focus on:

  • height/massing/density, 

  • out of character with the area, 

  • overdevelopment (2,150 homes in mainly tower blocks in a suburban area of mainly 2 storey houses), 

  • the need for decent-sized family homes, not small flats (post COVID-19 pandemic concerns),

  • effect on heritage assets (including the Grade II listed Gillette building between the two sites),

  • inadequate public transport, infrastructure and amenities, 

  • traffic (dangerous/over-capacity Gillette Corner junction).

17 March 2020

​OWGRA’s response to the 2nd exhibition

OWGRA has sent a 7-page letter to the developer expressing major concerns with the developer’s plans as shown at the 2nd exhibition at the end of February 2020.  (view the letter)

A ‘wish list’ for the two sites has also been sent.  (view the list).

Our main objections can be found by clicking on the more... link. You might like to consider including them in your response to the developer by e-mailing them to and copying them to .

2 March 2020

​The boards shown at the St Edward public exhibition on 27 & 29 Feb have been published today and can be found here.

13 February 2020

St Edward second public consultation announced for 27 & 29 February. See the Calendar. Brochure available here

A second public exhibition is being held at the end of next week by Berkeley Homes/St Edward to show how their plans have evolved for the redevelopment of the Homebase and Tesco sites since the first exhibition in Oct 2019.


15 January 2020



Major redevelopments are planned for the current Tesco and Homebase sites on Syon Lane.  OWGRA will be working on behalf of the local community for developments that respect the character of the area and are not excessive. 

The diagram below, from the developer, is an artist’s impression of initial ideas for the development.

22 September 2020

The Planning Applications for the Tesco and Homebase sites have been submitted!

Hounslow Council are currently uploading all the documents onto the planning portal of their website:

The reference numbers are: Homebase site P/2020/3099, Tesco site P/2020/3100


The planning documents are also available from our website,


The consultation letters are expected to be sent to local residents in the next few days, after which we theoretically have 21 days to respond. 


DON’T OBJECT YET!  We will analyse the documents over the next week or so and then give you some guidance on how to object.  So watch this space!







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